Picturing Some of My DNA Matches

There’s a cousin match on AncestryDNA that I am trying to figure out. I think he’s probably connected to me through my great-great-grandparents, John Michael and Franciska (Bieger) Trautvetter. But I’m not certain.

For illustration purposes, I’ve called this match Raymond. Raymond and I have three shared matches:

  • Brad
  • Peggy
  • Ryan

I can’t figure these people out, but when I look at the shared matches I have with Brad and Peggy, they both share matches with me with individuals who are known descendants of my great-grandparents (George and Ida T.) or my great-great-grandparents (J. M. and Franciska T.).

After a while I felt like I was going in circles, so I made a chart show the connections that I had. Lines between two individuals (for example, Brad and Peggy) indicate that Peggy was a shared match I had with Brad.

Names in brackets indicate the common ancestors I have with that person.

The word “all” indicates that I have put all of that individual’s shared matches with me on the chart.

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