Ancestors in the SSDI

I did a little searching and reminded myself that I have seven ancestors listed in the Social Security Death Index:

1) Cecil Neill (1903-1968)
2) Ida Neill (nee Trautvetter) 1910-1994
3) John Ufkes (1917-2003)
4) Dorothy Ufkes (nee Habben) 1924-2008
5) Fannie Neill (nee Rampley) 1883-1965
6) Mimke Habben (1881-1969)
7) Tena (Trientje) Ufkes (nee Janssen) 1895-1986

I’ve known about these entries for some time, but was actually surprised that Fannie Neill and Mimke Habben were in the SSDI. I had not thought they would even have had Social Security numbers as neither one ever had an off-farm job. For that reason, and the fact they died in the 1960s, I assumed they had no Social Security numbers. I was wrong.

My mother passed away in 2015 and entries are not entered in the online Social Security death index until the individual has been deceased for three years. For that reason she is not in the index.The online indexes are updated annually.

The Social Security Death Index can be searched at:

Wikipedia has the following articles that may be helpful:


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