Bedspread Bear

This is a bear that was made about 7 or 8 years ago from a chenille bedspread that belonged to my Grandmother Ida (Trautvetter) Neill (1910-1994). I want to say that Grandma always had that spread on the bed in the west bedroom of her house, but I can’t remember to be honest.

What I do know is that my mother saved the bedspread from a fate that often awaits bedspreads on farms in the Midwest: it was used to cover a tractor in the shed.


One thought on “Bedspread Bear

  1. Cindy Raba Horning says:

    That was a good rescue! What a nice memory. In 1887 my great grandmother brought with her from Hungary a hand embroidered linen pall (a coffin drape or cover) that was handed down to the oldest daughter. After my grandmother died it disappeared for awhile and the eldest daughter rescued it from being used to cover the carcass when her younger sisters family would butcher their own cow or pig. She worked really hard at it and got all the blood stains out. We were honored that the person who now holds it would let us use it for our father’s casket when he passed away in 2012.

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