A Suggestion for Newspapers.com: Sorting the “Choose Newspapers”

It is nice to be able to refine searches at Newspapers.com to specific newspapers. The problem for me is how those newspapers are sorted: it’s by the newspaper with the most hits.

While searching for references in Indiana to members of my Neill family, I obtained a number of hits. Choosing the specific newspaper was somewhat tedious because the results were sorted by how many hits were obtained in each paper.

It would seem more practical to have the results sorted by either the name of the newspaper or by the location. 


One thought on “A Suggestion for Newspapers.com: Sorting the “Choose Newspapers”

  1. Choosing a specific newspaper is tedious, especially if the ancestors lived in a small town in a province in Canada so we have to try all major centers. In spite of that I was surprised to get hits for distant relatives in Montana!

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