1850-1940 US Census Class

We are excited to offer this new online class downloadable class on using US census records. Virtually every US genealogist uses census records, but not everyone is aware of how those records can be maximized for what they do contain. There are limitations to these records, but there are advantages to them as well. If you’ve wondered if you are getting the most out of US census records, this class is for you. The content is a set of downloadable presentations and handouts.


This set of three lessons will look at US census records from 1850 through 1940. Topics discussed will include:

  • enumerator instructions and how information “got in the census”
  • organization of original records
  • working with family structure in 1850-1870 records
  • correlating a family’s census records over time
  • evaluating accuracy of census records
  • determining other records suggested by a family’s enumerations
  • crafting census citations

Our approach is laid-back, down-to-earth, and informal while providing accurate information and analysis.

Order here–intro price of $50 through 29 August. Regular price of $65 applies after that date. Download is immediate and media can be replayed for personal use only.


2 thoughts on “1850-1940 US Census Class

    • Thanks for your note. The post was not completely edited and that is my fault. It’s the set of three census lectures and handouts–downloadable as a complete set. There’s not attendance times/dates for that reason–since the class isn’t live. There’s a “pre-session” on searching techniques for online databases that is also included in the set of materials–with a handout. Anyone who purchases the class and views it is welcome to email me questions that I’ll either answer personally or potentially use as fodder for a blog post. Thanks again for asking and please accept my apologies for the confusion–I’ve updated the original post.

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