Too Much to Do and Don’t Care!

There are several reasons why errors appear in records.

Have you ever thought while filling out a form:

I have too much to do and I really don’t care information I put on this form.

A “they really don’t need to know this” may be added for effect.

The older I get and the more paperwork I complete for various things, the more I think this explains a significant number of discrepancies and errors in records.


3 thoughts on “Too Much to Do and Don’t Care!

    • Very true. I recently talked with a cousin who is 90+ and while her mind was sharp there were details that were not as focused in her mind as they would have been twenty years ago.

  1. I have now lived my 3 score plus 12 and I’m convinced many people do not want to visit the past any way …
    I accept this, as the opposite exists in people who want to research gggg grandparents 12 th removed ha h to try and create a connection which makes them feel a tiny bit well bred or important !

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