Month: June 2016

Four Words

Today on her Facebook page for Evidence Explained, Elizabeth Shown Mills posted a “thought prompt:” Your Best Advice in Four Words or Less My contributions to the effort were: There’s always exceptions. No one knows everything. Break every rule once. I stand by those. Others suggested the importance of the law, citing your sources, taking breaks, and […]


Returning to Harford County, Maryland

My ancestor, James Rampley, was born in Harford County, Maryland, in 1803. Research strongly suggests his parents, Thomas Johnson and Christianna (DeMoss) Rampley were born in that county (or its predecessor/neighbor of Baltimore) in the 1770s. Their parents, James and Sarah (Gibson) Rampley and John and Mary (Galloway) DeMoss lived in the Harford and Baltimore areas […]

Sarah (Chaney) Crow Cain Goes to Coshocton–Maybe Part I

Locating migrating children in the early 18th century can be fraught with pitfalls. It would be much easier for genealogical research if people were required to live within five miles of their place of birth. However that’s simply not reality. There are not always clear-cut records tying two same-named individuals together as being one and […]

She Was 15 on 1 April 1940 and Had Almost Completed High School

Any record has the potential for error. Sometimes the reasons are easy to see and easy to understand. Other times they are not. Research is always strengthened when one remains open to the possibility of errors and how they could have taken place. Dorothy (Habben) Ufkes’ 1940 census enumeration is a prime example, albeit a […]

How Do You Spell Trautvetter?

I was probably in the third grade when my Grandma Neill asked me how to spell “Trautvetter.” It was her maiden name. I rattled it off like a trooper; it made an impression on Grandma. My certainty of how to spell “Trautvetter” ended the minute I began researching Grandma’s family.  There were apparently three branches […]

June-July Classes!

Join us for the following classes this June/July (registration is limited): US land records class–runs through July US probate records class-runs through July Organizing Genealogical Information– June and July Note–if you registered for an earlier session of one of these courses and were unable to participate or had some sort of issue impacting attendance, you can participate […]

Do You Ear What I Ear?

Do You Ear What I Ear? [this appeared in the Ancestry Daily News on 27 July 1999-and was one of our most popular articles] Last week’s article used the term “birder” house. One astute reader gently indicated that I most likely meant “brooder” house. I thank them for the correction and must plead ignorance for while I […]