This is probably one of my more unusual purchases on Ebay.  I’m not in the habit of purchasing sports cards, especially ones for handball players from Germany. trautvetter-card-ebay
But this one was slightly different. And the price was right: it went for less than $3.

Trautvetter is a native of Eisenach, Germany. That’s roughly thirty kilometers from where my Trautvetter family originated. I’m not certain if they “all” are related or not, but many other Trautvetter families who came to the United States appear to have origins in this general area.

Given the unusual nature of the name, I often search on Ebay for items containing the term “Trautvetter.” Usually all I find are merchandise coins from a relative in Colby, Kansas, or academic books in which I have no interest.

I keep hoping to find a postcard written by a relative or a picture of a long-lost cousin. So far no luck.

Maybe someday.




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  1. Michael,
    that’s a great find. Have you ever searched the German website genwikki?
    Here is a link and just enter your last name and lots of info comes up.
    If you are looking for distant Trautvetter cousins you might want to check the
    German phonebook
    Gesamt=alltogether there are 311 Trautvetter entrances in the phonebook. It breaks down into 272 Persons with the Trautvetter name and there are 39 Trautvetter Companies.

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