Month: December 2017

FamilyTreeDNA’s Free Autosomal Transfer I’d Almost Forgotten About

I used the Free Autosomal Data Transfer at Family Tree DNA to upload my raw DNA test results from AncestryDNA several months ago. There were not any “immediately exciting beyond belief matches” and I put looking at the results on the back burner. They were still on the back burner when I received an email last week from someone who […]

Christopher Troutfetter Sues the Chicago, Rock Island,and Pacific Railway

According to the “Historical Record Index View” at the Colorado State Archives website, a man named Christopher Troutfetter was involved in a legal dispute with the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway in the 1890s. The index does not indicate which party is the defendant and which party is the plaintiff. The index does not indicate what […]

An Online Tree Reminder

I will be honest: I use the online trees for clues and leads when I’m stuck or when I’m working on a new-to-me family–leads and clues, not facts. Sometimes it’s just to get me jump-started. Personally I get the most benefit out of them when the problem is relatively recent and the bulk of the […]

AncestryDNA Circles–Back in Ten

I never did a blog post about it, but for the last few months I was down to being in six DNA circles at  AncestryDNA. Now I’m back up to ten: Christianna (DeMoss) Rampley (born in the early 1770s probably in Harford County, Maryland–12 members of this circle. Augusta Newman (died 1861 White County, Indiana)–8 members of the […]