Weekly Blog Update

Posts from all four of my blogs are sent daily to those who are subscribed. The daily updates are free and can be received by entering your email using the subscribe/unsubscribe links on the top of every page.

If you’d like to receive a weekly summary update instead, you can subscribe to the weekly update for a nominal fee of $5. The weekly update is sent out once a week and includes some additional content that is not included in our blog posts. We’ve added this service for those who don’t want the daily emails but would still like to receive our content.

You can see one of our recent weekly updates where there is a subscribe link as well. The nominal charge helps to cover our email distribution costs and keep our posts ad-free.

In the past we have occasionally sent out sample copies of the blog update free. We had to discontinue that after 1 August 2016.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Update

  1. Kathleen Williams says:

    I am still receiving some daily updates but am not receiving the weekly update which I subscribed to. Also, do I need to subscribe to both the weekly rootdig and genealogy tipfotheday separately in order to get the weekly updates or is it just one weekly email for all the blogs?

    Kathleen Williams

    • There is just one weekly update-which is going out today.
      Let me know which daily updates you are still getting (mjnrootdig@gmail.com) and I’ll take care of it.
      The weekly update includes all blogs.

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