Can You Get a Better Picture than was in the Newspaper?

There are not many relatives of mine who have their pictures in the newspaper. Gloria Fecht is one exception. This 1959 issue of the Greeneville News from Greenville, South Carolina, contains a photograph of Fecht and two other lady golfers at an outing in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. The photograph was credited to UPI (United Press International).

Sometimes one is able to find originals of those photographs on Ebay. That is where I located a copy. That actual photograph is of a much higher quality than the image that was made from the newspaper print. The copy I purchased on Ebay has the caption printed directly on it with a UPI stamp on the back. Since the photograph is still under copyright, we’ve opted not to reprint it here.

Whether UPI would care about the use of a photograph of three women golfers from 1959 is a separate matter. But, we’ll err on the side of caution.

At least I have a better copy of the image. There may be other sites where one can buy old copies of pictures that were used for reproduction in newspapers. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments on this post.

The next time I find a wire service picture of someone in a newspaper, I can set up an Ebay alert to search for that person. That would be easier than manually searching and hoping.


4 thoughts on “Can You Get a Better Picture than was in the Newspaper?

    • YES! The link is to a photo of my FAMOUS … errrrr INFAMOUS uncle Harry ( the guy in handcuffs, 1933-1983) … I never met him, and this is the only photo I have seen of him … I have recently seen lots of fuzzy newspaper articles about him involved in an armed robbery of a movie actress in 1953 … besides a brief article of him being handed down a suspended sentence, I have no idea how many times he was in and out of prison, nor do I know the details of his death … a homicide.

  1. You can also find some good photos of places (the school, your church, the scenery, etc.) in your first town…It’s been nice for me as my grandpa took most of the best ones…. 😎 in Plano, IL. It is very likely that someone was taking photos of your town in the early part of the 1900s. Kristy Gravlin

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