Recording Available for “Avoiding Fake Ancestors”

We’re excited to announce the release of the recorded version of  “Avoiding Fake Ancestors.”

There is no way to be entirely certain a tree is one hundred percent correct. Ever. Humans will make errors. However there are some ways to reduce the number of errors in your tree, creating a more accurate tree for future generations and reducing the chance you create more brick walls for yourself in the process. This presentation is aimed at those who have been researching their genealogy for a while and would not consider themselves experts but are no longer real beginners either.

Moon People–probably not your ancestors!

This discussion will concentrate on:

  • determining when to enter information into a database and when not to
  • the elements of proof and evidence–with suggested ways to learn more
  • responsible use of online trees for clues
  • avoiding common and not-so-common errors
  • why it is not the number of sources that matter
  • finding it on 1,000 trees does not make it true
  • additional ways to improve your research skills

This hour-long session can be ordered for download.  Download includes PDF handout and recorded media file.

Order now.

Paypal account not necessary–simply hit “checkout–Pay without a PayPal account.”


2 thoughts on “Recording Available for “Avoiding Fake Ancestors”

  1. Doris Dawson says:

    Michael, there is nothing to hit that states “checkout-Pay without a PayPal account.” The only choices are “Pay with PayPal” or “Submit Order.” If I choose “Submit Order,” will I be able to use a credit card instead of PayPal?

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