Vohlke Did Not Have A Separate Case in 1891

The newspaper reference to the 1892 court case in Adams County, Illinois, states that the case of Vohlke Sartorius against her father’s estate would be held in the county court.

A search of “county court records” did not locate the desired item. That’s because the hearing of her claim was not a separate case in it’s own right.

That’s because while a jury heard her claim, the actions regarding her claim against the estate of her father, Ulfert Behrens, were filed with the probate records for Ulfert’s estate. Volke was given notice that her claim would be heard in the County Court on 22 August 1891.

All of the action regarding Vohlke’s claim was contained in the probate records for her father–including the jury’s decision on the merits of her case.


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