Here an Ad, There an Ad, Everywhere a FindAGrave Ad

The “new” FindAGrave is still “new.” I took a second look to see if anything was different about the new site.

I don’t think there are any “new” new changes, but I was reminded of a few things about the site that frustrated me.

I understand that websites need to have advertising and affiliate links in an attempt to make money. There are ads on this blog. I understand that completely.

But  FindAGrave has gotten a little ad-happy. The new site is seemingly half advertisements and almost looks like an old MySpace Page. Personally there are entirely too many search boxes for databases on the site–two of them are for That seems a little excessive for one page.

The new layout makes FindAGrave look like a graveyard for MySpace pages and linkfarms.


3 thoughts on “Here an Ad, There an Ad, Everywhere a FindAGrave Ad

  1. I immediately click to see the old site. As long as that is available I will use it. After the option is gone, I will be, too. I no longer add memorials and if anyone wants anything I’ve put there I will give it to them. Ancestry is making money hand over fist on the sites they own. They could have the decency to leave findagrave alone. I have no intention of buying a pizza and a car when I go there. I am totally disgusted.

  2. The old “Find A Grave” had all the information in a nice concise format where you could highlight and print the information on one page of paper (unless there was a long obit ). “New” is not always “better.”

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