An 1875 Certificate of Purchase–Followup

I had nagging doubts that started the minute “An 1875 Certificate of Purchase” was posted. Usually sales for non-payment of taxes list the county sheriff as the grantor (usually although some times the former owner may be named). There was no sheriff listed on the “certificate of purchase” made out to Conrad Haase after he had paid $2274.56 for property in Hancock County, Illinois.

Further research located a Master’s Deed dated 5 October 1877 (Hancock County, Illinois, Deed Book 101, page 171) that referenced the same real estate in the 1875 certificate of purchase. That 1877 deed also references a Hancock County Circuit Court decree of record made during the October 1875 term of the court where Conrad Haase sued Ida Haase (and others–unnamed in the deed) to foreclose on a mortgage. Apparently Ida Haase (or the unnamed “others”) had not redeemed the certificate within the time frame allowed by the judge. The 1877 deed further stated that since “said Real estate has not been redeemed from said sale” the property is conveyed to Conrad Haase. The certificate of purchase is a record that the purchase has been made and that the Ida Haase’s ownership is not “free and clear” and she legally can do nothing with the property until the certificate has been redeemed.

The actual deed transferring ownership to Conrad Haase does not indicate who else is listed on the mortgage besides Ida Haase.

The discovery here is not complete. I at least need to see:

  • mortgage signed by Ida Haase (or one of others)
  • how Ida Haase obtained the property
  • court case for the foreclosure since that’s referenced in this master’s deed

It’s possible that all the pre-foreclosure legal work involving this property (the acquisition and mortgage) was signed by someone other than Ida Haase and that she and the others were heirs of that person. It’s an option to keep in mind.


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