Month: January 2018

Brick Wall Tips and Tricks for 2018 Released

We’ve just released this recording–break your brick walls in 2018 Order download below or email me if you registered/pre-ordered and have not received download. Content: This presentation is geared at advanced beginning and intermediate level researchers. Our focus will be on getting past those impasses in your research. We will look at some common research […]


Brick Walls from A to Z

  This article originally appeared in the Ancestry Daily News on 11 Jan 2006. It is copyrighted and requests for reprint/redistribution can be directed to me at This week we discuss the alphabet looking for clues to ancestral brick walls. The list is meant to get you thinking about your own genealogy problems.   A […]

An Update History At

Updates are great, but some detail would be nice. The “Recently Added and Updated Collections” page on indicated that the 1870 and 1860 census collection on their site had been “updated.” There’s only one question: how? The details may be buried on the blog. As of 11:55 am central time on 9 January 2018, there was […]

While Waiting for DNA Results

Effective analysis of the results of an autosomal genealogical DNA test (AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA , etc.)  is best done with a paper tree that is as complete as possible. While the DNA test is often done to extend that pedigree, it’s easier to sift through those records when your paper tree is as complete as you can […]

Pumping Gas

Note: This isn’t quite a genealogy story. However, it’s one that I think I’m going to write down. After all, if we wish our ancestors had written down a few things, we should at least do it ourselves. It has been difficult to watch the news lately without seeing something about the new law that […]