A Postcard from 1910

I almost forgot I had this little gem.

This postcard was written by Foche Jansen Goldenstein to B. Dirks (Bernard Dirks, father of Foche’s wife Anna) of Coatsburg, Illinois. At the time of this writing, the Goldensteins were living in Golden, Adams County, Illinois, but Foche was on a trip to Ostfriesland visiting relatives. Sometimes it’s slightly amazing that it made it to Bernard Dirks with only his village and state listed.

This is the only thing I have in Foche’s handwriting.

Always consider the possibility that someone kept postcards your relative wrote.



2 thoughts on “A Postcard from 1910

  1. Have you deciphered the message itself? The address is in fantastic handwriting, but the message is difficult. It appears that some words may be in English, but the rest in what I am assuming is German.

  2. I have a few of these priceless mementos, I’ve had to take digital photos of them because they are fading, which makes me sad. The handwriting is priceless, as is the postcards themselves, along with the stamps:-)

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