Charles Butlers Born in Kansas in the early 1860s

The chart summarizes information on a Charles Butler–that I think potentially are the same person. There hopefully are not too many Charles Butlers born in Kansas in the early 1860s with a father born in New York, but it is always possible.

I’m pretty certain the 1910, 1920, and 1930 enumerations are for the same man. I’m trying to locate someone consistent with Charles in the 1880 and 1900 census in an attempt to more firmly connect them with the 1870 Charles.

Benjamin Butler is living in Vernon County, Missouri in the 1880 census. This is where a Charles A. Butler marries an Annie McClure on 15 March 1880.
Right now…the problem is “Where is Charles Butler in 1880 and 1900?” The Charles from the 1910-1930 census died in Lane County, Oregon, in 1931 and I need his death certificate, but that still probably won’t answer the question of where he was in those two census years. 
It is noted that the 1880 marriage date and the estimated year of marriage for the 1910-1930 Charles is inconsistent. This could easiest be explained by Charles having a wife besides Annie McClure. 
Some conjecture here, but the chart has been helpful in keeping me organized.


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