Trautvetter Research Report Arrives from Germany

I received the research report from my German researcher as mentioned in an earlier post.

I was fortunate in that everything on my list was located:

  • the birth of Sophia Elisabeth Derle in Helmershausen on 29 September 1807. She was the daughter of Johann Heinrich Derle and Regine Dreißigackerin.
  • the marriage of Johann George Trautvetter and Sophia Elisabeth Derle in Helmershausen, Thuringen, on 29 May 1832
  • the birth of Anna Elisabetha Trautvetter on 19 June 1833 in Wohlmuthausen
  • a stillborn son born on 23 January 1838 in Wohlmuthausen
  • the birth of Elisabetha Trautvetter on 4 November 1835 in Wohlmuthausen
  • the birth of Georg Adolph Trautvetter on 16 August 1842 in Wohlmuthausen
  • the birth of Christian Friedrich Theodor Trautvetter on 16 October 1844 in Wohlmuthausen
  • the marriage proclamations of Johannes Herbert and Anna Elisabeth Trautvetter during April of 1851. The couple was married on 6 May 1851 in Filke Bavaria.

I was fortunate that I had the places of birth of the Trautvetter sons from records in the United States and that the daughters were born in the same place. As mentioned in other posts, the two daughters of George and Sophia Elizabeth (Derle) Trautvetter died  shortly after the family immigrated to the United States.

There were a few other surprise items in the report that we’ll be mentioning in future posts. We’ll also continue our general series on hiring and working with your researcher. Stay tuned.



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