Deacon Gibson Marries in 1755

There’s two reasons why I nearly overlooked this 1755 marriage for Timothy Gibson in Stow, Massachusetts:

  • He was approximately seventy-six when he married in 1755. His first wife had died early in 1754 and frankly I didn’t think he married again. I’m well aware that some people do marry at that age, but really didn’t think about it.
  • He was not listed as Timothy Gibson. He was listed as Deacon Timothy Gibson. Those titles can sometimes cause problems.  deacon-gibson

Finding the marriage was a good thing.

Submit Gibson left a will after her death that named some of her step-children. That’s something I would not have uncovered if this marriage had not been discovered.


6 thoughts on “Deacon Gibson Marries in 1755

  1. I’m struggling to understand how new parents could name their baby girl “Submit!” Inknow this was the era of Patience, Charity, Faith, etc., but “Submitt?” I wonder which parent selected that name….

  2. I’m missing something. When I look at the sample above with the red ring around it, I do not see “Deacon Gibson”. I see Deacon Timothy (“Timothy, Dec.,”) . What am I doing/seeing wrong?

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