Happy 2017!

I’m not looking to make any real changes to the blog in 2017. We’re not going to add popups to get new subscribers, write about every new thing under the sun, copy and use press releases as blog fodder, etc. We’ll continue to focus on research and a little bit of attitude.

I am hoping to do some more work on my New England families to broaden our scope a little bit and write up some things on my colonial Virginia families. We hope you enjoy the content we create.

There are a few people we left hanging in 2016 that we will follow up on in 2017.

Thanks again for your continued support. It is appreciated.

Please let others know about the blog. Spreading the word helps too!


3 thoughts on “Happy 2017!

  1. And thank you for making the “dues payment” so marvelously easy. Just got a note from PayPal saying they sent you an automatic payment. Paying bills appears to be on the bottom of my list of joys so it was like getting a gift!

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