william g trautvetter

The Chicago Tribune Accuses Cousin William Trautvetter of Having Hallucinations

There are lessons here about taking things out of context, not realizing when someone is being sarcastic, jumping to conclusions, and failing to get the entire story. It’s also easy to fall for the conclusion that is the most dramatic. A March 1932 editorial in the Chicago Tribune references a bombing at a drug store owned […]


State Reports May Shed Minor Light

Reports of various state boards can contain unexpected genealogical information. Many of them have been digitized and are online in sites like GoogleBooks, Hathitrust, Archive.org, etc. Like any genealogical clue, whether it’s a “big” or a “small” one depends upon your problem. William G. Trautvetter was a pharmacist in Chicago, Illinois, and is referenced in this 1912 directory. […]