Month: January 2017

Ramblings on a Probate Packet Cover

The image illustrating this post is part of the “cover” that wraps the original probate papers for Michael Trautfetter’s 1869-1881 era probate in Hancock County, Illinois. The writing is that of the clerks. It’s clearly written in two different hands as the script at the bottom is distinct from the writing on the top. It […]


Is it Trautvetter or Trautfetter?

In some families the spelling of the name generates much gnashing of teeth. It is that way in the Trautvetter family. Generally speaking, my personal “how do I spell their name” when referring to them in writing decision is based upon: how the person signed the name how the person’s name appeared on their tombstone […]

Release of Using Unindexed Records at FamilySearch

Using Unindexed Records at FamilySearch FamilySearch has a significant collection of online images that are not indexed–pretty much where the microfilm has been put online as is. This hour-long session will discuss search strategies for searching unindexed records of digital images that are online for free at FamilySearch. Included will be a discussion of navigating the image […]