Month: April 2017

A Little Humor…Washington’s Teeth

We’ve located a version of the ad where George Washington’s thoughts are extant. Too bad I can’t somehow locate the thoughts of  few of my actual ancestors. George does have relatives, but no living descendants. The original ad does not mention the connection between Washington and the person holding the picture.


Loose Animals on the Trautvetter Farm in 1886

Michael Trautvetter’s livestock cost him an extra $15 in 1886.  Apparently they got off his property and were responsible for damaging some property on his neighbor’s farm. Trautvetter’s expenses totaled more than $15. That was just how much was awarded to J. H. Ensminger for the damage to his property. There were legal fees added […]


NL or UL Albers in Colorado in 1885

It is easy to see how the the last entry on this census page was transcribed in‘s “Colorado State Census, 1885” as N. L. Albers instead of U.L. Albers. Initial upper case letters in first names can be difficult enough to transcribe sometimes when the rest of the name is there to provide a context. […]