Proof Summary and Case-Making Webinar Rescheduled

Rescheduled for Tuesday, 5 January 2015, 1 pm central

“Writing Proof Summaries and Making Your Case”

Those who registered for the originally scheduled presentation in December do not need to pay again. If this time does not work, you will be sent a complimentary link to download the recorded version of this presentation and handout.

This presentation will discuss an overview of organizing your information in a coherent way so that your point is clearly made. Geared to the intermediate genealogist, we will focus on clearly making an argument, considering all reasonable options, eliminating unreasonable possibilities, choosing evidence, and organizing relevant research. Brief discussion of the “Genealogical Proof Standard” included. Handout included–registrants are entitled to a complimentary recording if desired. Registration is $8.


4 thoughts on “Proof Summary and Case-Making Webinar Rescheduled

  1. How do I register for this Proof Summary seminar without paying again. I paid via PayPal Transaction ID: 8NU9529895993990V on Dec 14, 2015 and had sent a follow-up email about having the audio but not being able to see it or access the first handout. Please advise.

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