Updating A Discrepancy Chart for Ira

[this posting originally went live on 16 September 2012]

I’ve blogged about this discrepancy chart before, but I realized I never bothered to update it with “new” information on Ira. Regular readers know that I’m a big fans of charts and tables for organization.

Here’s part of the original post (and the discrepancy chart):

Based upon tira-discrepancy-charthe records used in the chart, a reasonable birth date estimate would be between 1840 and 1845.

Emmar (Sargent) Osenbaugh, that Ira was likely born near Darlington, Ontario, Canada in the early 1840s. Emmar would be a secondary source for her brother’s place of birth, and actually, she never says anything about her brother specifically other than to say that he exists.

I need to add the information from Emmar to the chart and I really need to add a column for how much credence I give to each specific piece of information–not every statement listed in the chart can be viewed with the same level of confidence.

I’ve solved the question of Ira’s parents. However, based upon what few records the family left I may not be able to pinpoint Ira’s place or date of birth precisely.

In this situation, like many, it is about establishing relationships and connections. Precision with regards to time and place of birth may never be achieved.



2 thoughts on “Updating A Discrepancy Chart for Ira

  1. Kathy Wright says:

    I was debating using Access to create a database for various information about each ancestor. My husband prefers Excel over Access. I was wondering if you had any preferences. I really like the chart.

    Thank you,

    Kathy Wright

    • Thanks.

      For general genealogical database management, I’d use one of the major programs. However, Access would give you probably a little greater flexibility than Excel since Excel is more geared towards computations and numerical types of analysis. However for charts such as the one in the post, either would serve the purpose.

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