Feathers Tickling My Nose: the Snoutfeathers

Sometimes a person thinks that they have seen just about every spelling variation for a name that there is.

And then something else comes along.

The clerk (or someone) thought the maiden name of the mother on a 1904 Cuyahoga County, Ohio, birth certificate said “Snoutfeather.” That actually seems to be a misreading of the original clerk’s intention (what they are thinking is an “Sn” looks like a “Tr,” but there was still this order recorded on the back of the birth certificate for Edward Reif in 1904.

There’s even a notation to see the other side of the certificate and the correctiontrautvetter-wong3s have been made on the original document with a typewriter. There is no indication of when the correction was made due to the order being issued. My suspicion is that it was when the individual applied for a Social Security number.

As a note, I know nothing about this Trautvetter family. I just came across this while working on something else.

But I’m always happy to get a new spelling variation.

I think.



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