Son of Albuquerque Dairyman Injured in Santiago in 1898

The 30 June 1898 issue of the Arizona Republicheye-albers-injured contains an update on several boys from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who were injured in an engagement in Santiago, Cuba in 1898.

The update provides little on the injuries of Heye Albers, but does provide some biographical clues about Albers and his family.

  • He was 25 on “the 2nd day of last November.”
  • He is the son of L. U. Albers of the Friesian dairy.
  • He had lived three years in Albuquerque.
  • At the time of his enlistment he had been employed as a wagon driver for the steam laundry.

The information may be partially incorrect, especially the implied date of birth (2 November 1872) and the amount of time the family had lived in Albuquerque. I was aware his father owned a dairy, but was unaware of the name. That may help in performing Google and other searches for additional information.

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