Don’t Be Afraid to Learn

What was the last thing you learned about research or the area where your ancestors lived?

Don’t be afraid to admit there is something that you do not know or that you need help in figuring something out.

The worst “brick walls” are those that are of our own construction.

This was going to be a longer post, but any additional discussion on this topic is just window dressing.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Learn

  1. Patricia Regan says:

    John – A good and simple comment, because most of us know we can always learn something new. I just wanted to add something that I have noticed with my Contacts lately has been that many of them are under the impression they don’t need to learn about how to do in-depth Genealogical research anymore. All that is needed is getting their DNA done and then the companies will send them many new cousins and later it will tell them the Communities where to find all the rest of their family. They actually think using DNA is much faster and eliminates them actually doing any research work. That needs to be cleared so they realize that there is still a lot of work and documentation to be done. Without on hands research your chances of getting into a Lineage Organization such as DAR, CAR, SAL or War of 1812 and etc. are slim.

    • I also see that mindset in terms of DNA–the thought that it can solve any problem and is a panacea. DNA is just one tool and can’t really specify relationships with the precision that genealogists usually need. Part of it is marketing hype and part of it is that some people want the easy and quick answer. The paper records can provide detail the DNA can’t give.

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