Postcard, the Modern Name of the Church, and What Really Took Place There

This image has been modified from the original postcard with the postmark being placed alongside the actual picture.

The postcard of the Bethany United Church of Christ in Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois, that I purchased on Ebay arrived a few days ago. The image in this post was created by using pictures of the front and back of the postcard to create a customized image. The red box was used to emphasize that the image had been altered from the original.

That’s important to note–and I should have noted it on the image as well.

The alteration of the image isn’t the only change involving this church that I need to remember. I tend to call it the “Lutheran Church” at Tioga. That’s not really accurate in modern-day terms and in all database entries of events that took place at this church, the location should be noted as “Bethany United Church of Christ” in Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois.

And…I should be clear in my discussion of records from this church. The records of various events appear in the church record. I should not assume that every marriage took place in the church and that every baptism took place in the church.

They didn’t.

Marriages may have easily taken place at other locations within the county (because most marriage licenses are county specific) and baptisms could have taken place in the parents’ home in some situations.



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