Ancestors in German Archives: A Guide to Family History Sources

Used books are a genealogist’s delight.  This book has been on my radar for some time and while I’ve seen copies of it and used it before, I finally found one on that was a little easier on the budget. It should be particularly helpful now that I know where the majority of my German ancestors were from.

Back when I really only had one German area of concentration (Ostfriesland), I wasn’t quite as inclined to “take the plunge.” But now that I’ve identified where some of my other Germans are from, it’s time to expand my library. We’ll be writing about it more once it arrives. My copy is used–but that’s not a problem for me.

Those just starting their German research may wish to take a look at either of these two recent publications (they are still in print and easier on the budget than Wright’s book):


3 thoughts on “Ancestors in German Archives: A Guide to Family History Sources

  1. Barry Spinner says:

    Might it be interesting to seek out Wright, and see if the BYU project – which created this book – has continued in any manner – particularly identifying which archives are creating significant digital image collections.

    I know that for the ancient Prussian counties (Krieis) that interest me now in Poland, the Poles are doing so. Many BMD records which I need to study for West Prussia (in that land east of the Vistula) are now coming online. Very difficuklt to use. But a lot easier to study them in my PJs!

    • Karen Campbell says:

      This book, Ancestors in German Archives: A Guide to Family History Sources, by Raymond S. Wright, is very expensive and hard to find to purchase at an affordable price. It is available, however, in a lot of public libraries, especially if they have a good genealogy section.

      • I was lucky that there was a relatively “not super expensive” used copy on There are many listed on Amazon that are quite expensive.

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