A Child For Erasmus in 1798

This was one of the items that I located when I was in Sal1798births-george-trautvetter-larget Lake City at the Family History Library in May. This is the 1798 baptismal entry for Johann George Trautvetter from the church records in Salzungen, Thuringen.

Honestly I had used these records years ago and did not locate this entry for Johann George, although I have “known” his year of birth since very early in my research.

The difficulty in locating the entry originally was that I did not really pay any attention to the card catalog description for these records and didn’t take the necessary time to familiarize myself with them. The left hand pages of the church register were filmed first and then the right hand pages were filmed. I only viewed the left hand pages apparently when I used these records several years ago. Otherwise I would have found it as it would have been difficult to have missed the name of Trautvetter in this entry.

These entries underline the name of the father, making the name of the father appear prominently in the entry. That’s slightly different from records I’ve used in the north where the name of the child is really what is featured.

I’m still working on transcribing and translating the entry. Anyone who’d like to make suggestions on it is welcome to do so. Johann Georg was born on 15 July 1798 and baptized on the 17th. His parents were Erasmus Trautvetter and Anna Catherina Gross.

He was an immigrant, but his death is noted at the top of his entry. That’s another story.

I’m pretty certain I’ve got the citation in the spirit of Evidence Explainedbut comments on that too are welcomed.



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