Some Ways to Save Genealogy Money

This list is not by any means comprehensive, but here are some ways to save money on genealogical expenses:

  • utilize local genealogical societies–through the mail, their website, their Facebook page, etc.
  • utilize local libraries where your ancestor lived
  • use FamilySearch to access the record images they have on their site
  • use your local Family History Center to access records at FamilySearcthat cannot be accessed at home
  • determine what your local public library has access to
  • don’t buy overnight copies of documents
  • coordinate research with others
  • consider having someone consult on your research instead of actually hiring them
  • organize your research before hiring a professional
  • consider asking for genealogy presents at holidays instead of things you might not really ever use
  • use trial periods for sites when you’ll actually have time to use them
  • improve your research skills and your knowledge of methodology

Remember that genealogy cannot be done completely for free–particularly if people are helping you, getting records for you, etc. Some people are able to help for free–if not all the time, at least some of the time. But remember the other people. They have to eat.


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