Time Stands Still for No Stone

Andrew and Lucinda Trask tombstone Norwood Cemetery, Mercer County, Illinois. Taken 2005 Michael John Neill

I took this cemetery photograph several years ago at the Norwood Cemetery in Mercer County, Illinois not too far from my home.

I’m really glad that I did. It’s one of those stones that weathers somewhat easily.  Facing west on the Illinois prairie, the winter weather probably doesn’t help the inscription to stand the test of time.

But as this stone makes clear, time does not stand still.

Do you have any stones like this for your ancestors?


One thought on “Time Stands Still for No Stone

  1. I have stones that lie flat and are covered with moss, etc. I have yet to read of a good way to handle them. My brother was all for replacing them….. sort of….. in the end nothing was done. There are six empty plots paid for in this group….. I suppose if I move in my offspring might spruce it up the one time they visit…. it is soooo far from home.

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