AncestryDNA Refines Displayed Information on Matches: A Little

AncestryDNA has slightly modified what users see when they view their DNA matches.

The amount of shared DNA is shown for each match individually on the list of DNA matches. When viewing all my own matches as the testee, I’m not certain how helpful really is–at least for me. However, I did notice that the matches shown in the illustration (all of whom AncestryDNA suggests are second cousins and who are all actually first cousins once removed to me) have shared cM of between 562 and 372. This just reminded me that the amount of shared cM can vary for individuals who have the same genealogical relationship (which I already knew).

The shared cM with each match might be a little bit more helpful when looking at the matches shared with a specific match. However I wish they had included the shared cM with the specific match I’m looking at as well–that would make comparison a little easier.

This is a positive change. I’m not certain why it could not have been implemented some time ago as it seems like a relatively easy thing to do–simply pull the shared cM from the database.

I’m on the fence about how helpful it really will be.



2 thoughts on “AncestryDNA Refines Displayed Information on Matches: A Little

    • It does take some time to figure it out. We’ve written about it before but will continue to post updates and items as time goes forward. It takes time to really determine just what genealogical details are in the results, particularly if your genealogy questions are back before your grandparents.

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