When Could They Vote?

In “The Right to Vote,” the importance of knowing contemporary law was discussed as it applied to an ancestor’s right to vote. Have you thought about when your ancestors became eligible to vote? For female ancestors that right may have come in stages as some states allowed voting in state or local elections before the 19th amendment to the US Constitution was enacted.

A good little exercise.

Name Year of Birth Year they Could Vote Comments–reason
Connie (Ufkes) Neill 1942 1963 reached age 21
Cecil Neill 1903 1924 reached age 21
Ida (Trautvetter) Neill 1910 1931 reached age 21
John Ufkes 1917 1938 reached age 21
Dorothy (Habben) Ufkes 1924 1945 reached age 21
Charles Neill 1875 1896 reached age 21
Fannie (Rampley) Neill 1883 1920 19th amendment
George Trautvetter 1869 1890 reached age 21
Ida (Sargent) Trautvetter 1874 1920 19th amendment
Mimka Habben 1881 1902 reached age 21
Tjode (Goldenstein) Habben 1882 1920 19th amendment
Fred Ufkes 1893 1914 reached age 21
Tena (Janssen) Ufkes 1895 1920 19th amendment
Samuel Neill 1830s-Ireland (have to check) naturalization
Anne (Murphy) Neill 1830s never died in 1895
John Michael Trautvetter 1838–Germany not certain if he was actually naturalized
Franciska (Bieger) Trautvetter 1851 never died in 1888
Ira Sargent about 1843 probably 1864 reached age 21
Ellen (Butler) Sargent about 1857 who knows lost track of her after 1880–if she lived to vote I don’t know about it
John Ufkes 1838-Ostfriesland, Germany naturalization
Noentje (Grass) Ufkes never died before women’s suffrage
Jans Janssen 1856-Ostfriesland, Germany naturalization
Reka (Sartorius) Janssen 1865-Illinois never died before women’s suffrage
John Habben 185-Ostfriesland, Germany naturalization
Anke (Fecht) Habben 1860-Ostfriesland, Germany 1920 19th amendment-naturalized when her father naturalized
Foche Goldenstein 1857-Ostfriesland, Germany 1879 naturalization
Anna (Dirks) Goldenstein 1861-Illinois 1920 19th amendment
George Trautvetter 1798-Germany never did not naturalize
James Rampley 1803-Maryland 1824 reached age 21
William Newman 1818-Kentucky 1839 reached age 21
Clark Sargent Vermont reached age 21
Trientje (Behrens) Sartorius

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