DNAPainter Webinar Released

This session will focuses on the free aspects of DNA Painter at http://www.dnapainter.com.

We will discuss downloading matching data from DNA sites, painting your DNA matches, finding match data, labeling, grouping, overlapping segments, and more as time allows. Our concentration is on getting you started with DNAPainter in a way that will help you make effective use of it as your research progresses. If you’ve wondered what DNAPainter is, how to use, and what it can do for you, this presentation will help you to do that. Ordering the presentation includes the recorded presentation (that can be viewed more than once) and a detailed handout as a PDF file.

You cannot upload your raw data to DNA Painter. You need the segment data that you can get from 23andme, FamilytreeDNA, Gedmatch, and MyHeritage.

Order the presentation and handout ($16.99) for immediate download.


2 thoughts on “DNAPainter Webinar Released

  1. my name is Joanna Mae Feazell I got my dna kit and am ready to send it back to you but I forgot my password and I just cannot to remember it so I need a new password so that I can send my speciman back I need help please I want to know where I came from but with out my password I cannot do that help me please.

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