A Bride, A Divorce, A Lawsuit, and a War Baby

This 1922 account from the Nebraska State Journal contains more clues that one usually finds in newspaper articles.

Note: the man the article refers to as “Frand” Goldenstein was actually named Frank.

Some of the clues contained in this article:

  • divorce record for Frank Goldenstein
  • lawsuit initiated by Goldenstein against his wife’s parents
  • passport application if Goldenstein was citizen when he made the visit to Germany
  • adoption records (which may be closed)
  • passenger lists for the return trip with new wife and baby

That’s a lot of records.

Liz on our Facebook page mentioned that Frank probably had a connection to Germany if he went there for a bride. That’s true. It’s one clue I almost didn’t think to mention as I already knew Frank was a German native.

Note: this Frank Goldenstein was a first cousin of my great-grandmother, Tjode (Goldenstein) Habben.


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