M’s My Cousin, But How?

I’m trying to determine the connection I have with a DNA match at AncestryDNA that I’ll call “M.” M and I only have seven shared matches as 3 October 2018. M and I share 31 cM of DNA and has predicted our relationship in the 4th to 6th cousin range. That’s reasonable. Given what I know […]


My First Six “Cousin” Matches on AncestryDNA

I have hundreds of cousin matches on AncestryDNA. I’m not yet certain how many I will eventually try and contact. The first six matches were particularly interesting for me  as  AncestryDNA grouped them as “second cousins.” The first five matches were indicated as being “first or second cousins” and the sixth was indicated as being a  “second or […]


My AncestryDNA Results Are In and I’m Surprised

I was surprised just a little with my DNA test results which came in over the weekend. Using my third great-grandparents as a point of reference (simply because I’m not going to use my 10th great-grandparents to create the percentages for this post), my genealogical ancestry is approximately: 50% Ostfriesen (my maternal side)–which qualifies as […]