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Wilhelmina Trautvetter Senf Kraft in the US Census-Part II

Wilhelmina and George Kraft and their next-door Kraft neighbors were not the only Krafts living in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1870. Six pages away the household of Lewis Kraft was enumerated. It’s difficult to say how far Lewis was from the other Krafts. There are no street names or addresses in this enumeration and […]


Wilhelmina Trautvetter Senf Kraft in the US Census-Part I

We’ve written before about Wilhelmina (Trautvetter) Senf Kraft. The 1808 native of Dorf Allendorf, Germany, immigrated to America some time presumably after 9 February 1846 (when her husband Johann Valentin Senf died) and 1869 when her brother Michael Trautvetter died in Hancock County, Illinois. We will start with her 1870 enumeration as that’s the first […]

Is An 1867 Michael in St. Louis the Dying 1869 Michael?

Unusual names are good and bad. They are good because they stand out like a sore thumb among a sea of Joneses and Browns. They are bad because one always assumes they are a relative in some way shape or form and not being able to “fit” the reference into known information can be frustrating. […]

Finding Wilhelmina Trautvetter’s 1851 St. Louis Marriage

[an earlier version of this post ran on the old blog on 29 May 2013] I’ve heard genealogists mention the importance of not relying on the indexes created in record books. I believed in it, but largely because of names being spelled incorrectly–not because I had ever actually seen a record recorded and omitted from […]