Children in Quotes and No Data Entry

I’ve tried to be very careful in my blog posts on the family of Benjamin Butler to put the word “children” in quotes. It would probably be best to refer to these individuals as members of Benjamin’s household, particularly those who are not enumerated in his 1880 household.

My work on these individuals is incomplete and at this point I’m not certain which children are his and which ones may be children of one of his wives by a previous marriage. Even for his children, I’m not certain for all of them which ones were born from which marriage. Benjamin is known to have had two wives, Margaret Stevens and Nancy Jane Wolfe. Benjamin married Nancy Jane in Nebraska in 1854. He may have had a wife between Margaret and Nancy.

Entering any relationships in a computer database is premature at this point as well.

I’ll stick to charts to list the children as we’ve shown in blog posts and maintaining the individuals as separate people in any genealogical databases that include relationships.

But to be honest, I’m sticking to doing my work in Microsoft Word.


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