I wrapped up my webinar on using the new probate records at Ancestry.com earlier today. An hamenour really was not enough time, but I talked as fast as I could.

I discussed the limitations of the site, search techniques, saving files, navigating the images, determining what you were really looking at, and more. I had a lot of questions and enjoyed giving the presentation very much. If you ordered the presentation and did not receive a link to it, please let me know.

If you’d like to order the presentation, your order can be processed here for $8. Download is immediate. Handout included.

We’ll be posting a few more discoveries from this database in the upcoming days and weeks. I made a few more interesting discoveries in the records and about using them while preparing for the presentation.




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  1. I pre-ordered the first webinar but was not sent the link to view it as I was unable to watch it live. I used paypal. Please advise what steps I need to take to view it.
    Thank you,
    Kendra Schmidt

  2. I, too, paid for the first webinar but have not yet gotten the link to view it. Mine was a paypal order, and as I was not able to watch it live, I was hoping to be able to view it after the fact. I shall now try to order the second installment and hope for better results.

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