My Mayflower Connection: Tilley-Howland

In the interest of Thanksgiving, I’ll post my one known line of descent from Mayflower passengers. There may be more, but this one’s been vetted.

The Tilley-Howland line

  • 1) John Tilley (1571 Henlow, England–first winter at Plymouth ) and Joan Hurst  (1567/8 Henlow, England–first winter at Plymouth )
  • 2) Elizabeth Tilley (1607 Henlow, England-1687 Swansea, MA)  and John Howland  ( )
  • 3) Hope Howland  (1629 Plymouth-1683 Barnstable, MA ) and John Hale Chipman  (1621 Dorchester, England-1708 Sandwich, MA )
  • 4) Lydia Chipman  (1653 Barnstable, MA-1730 Barnstable, MA ) and John Sargent  (1639 Charlestown, MA-1716 Malden, MA )
  • 5) Samuel Sargent (1688-Malden, MA-1721 Malden, MA )  and Elizabeth Pratt  (1693 Malden, MA-1760 Chelsea, MA )
  • 6) Thomas Sargent (1720 Malden, MA-1795) and Tabitha Tuttle (1724 Chelsea, MA -1804 Hubbardston, MA)
  • 7) Samuel Sargent (1748 Hubbardston, MA -1819 Marlboro, NH) and Deborah Sylvester (1751 Leicester, MA-1791 Marlboro, NH)
  • 8) Samuel Sargent (1774 Ashby, MA-1841) and Sarah Gibson (1774 Ashby, MA-1847)
  • 9) Clark Sargent (1805-1847 Winnebago County, IL) and Mary Dingman
  • 10) William Ira Sargent (abt. 1845 Ontario-1916 Peoria County, IL) and Ellen Butler
  • 11) Ida Mae Sargent (1874-1939 Quincy, IL) and George Trautvetter (1869 Tioga, IL-1934 Jacksonville, IL)
  • 12) Ida Trautvetter (1910 Hancock County, IL-1994 Carthage, Hancock, IL) and Cecil Neill (1903 Stillwell, Hancock, IL-1968 Keokuk, IA)

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