Where Did John Gibson Get His Land in Pittsford, Vermont?

I decided to work a little on John Gibjohn-gibson-rutland-vermontson while I was at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago.

Time was limited, so the only thing I was able to do was search for land records on him in Rutland County, Vermont.

The only deed I could find for him was this 24 December 1806 deed where he sold the farm on which he lived in Pittsford to Arrington Gibson of Middlesex County, Massachusetts. While the document does not mention any relationship between the two men, it seems probable that they are the John and Arrington Gibon who were sons of Stephen Gibson who died in October of 1806 in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. John Gibson is supposedly the father of Sarah (Gibson) Sargent and I’m trying to firm up that connection by tracking John towards the end of his life in hopes of finding some sort of record tying him to his children.

Which brings to mind two questions among the many that I need to answer:

  • How did John obtain the property in question?
  • Is there any coincidence between the 24 December 1806 sale date for this property and the fact that Stephen Gibson died in October of 1806?

Questions, always questions.


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