Updates ELCA Database


Part of the baptismal entry for Fokke F Tammen, born in 1885 in Dawson County, Nebraska.

There may just be the addition of missing images here, but has updated the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). I noted a few images that were unavailable the last time I checked, but my use of the database is limited to congregations in western Illinois and parts of Nebraska.

Remember that names of sponsors and witnesses are not indexed and that in some cases the German script was difficult to read.


You can browse the list at or view a PDF file on the ELCA website (all may not be on . The PDF file is easier to use, but make certain and check the drop down list to make certain the congregations of interest are included.


3 thoughts on “ Updates ELCA Database

  1. Lots of interesting info in this database. Reading the German script is difficult and many times notes are cryptic (and in German). I’ve found many relatives whose names in the baptism record are German versions of the names they actually used.

  2. A half-brother of my grandmother is said to have been a Lutheram minister in the US. A long shot – are there names of the pastors on those? Also – any ideas on how to find the names of Lutheran pastors in the US from about a century ago? I have only his surname – Patze.

    • The names of pastors are in the records, but are unindexed. You might want to contact the archives of the ELCA, particularly if you can find a little more to go on with this guy. The ELCA has some directories of pastors and other information and some of it is from Lutheran congregations in general, not just ones that were in synods that were forerunners of the ELCA.

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