Do You See that 1868 Recording Receipt?

Any copy can hide clues that are on the original.

The color digital image of this original 1868 deed does make it clear (if one really looks) that there’s something in the middle portion of the image that was not on the original piece of paper. Had I moved the attached paper, taken the image with different lighting or shadows, or forced it down more, the fact the clerk’s receipt was not part of the original document would have been more difficult to discern.

On a photocopy the difference might have been even less easy to notice. And on a scan or a photocopy or a photocopy of a photocopy, it would have been even worse.



ThisĀ 1868 land deed was purhased onĀ Ebay. How the seller came to acquire it is another question entirely. This copy would have belonged to Edward Hall, the grantee on the deed.


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