Humor alert.

This is the error message we wished people would get. compile-tree
That’s me in the picture in a manure wagon with my paternal grandmother.




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  1. Amen! It would eliminate SO many frustrating results when we’re searching. It can be so irritating to those of us serious about genealogy to see the lack of time and effort (and ultimately respect) that others put into compiling their so-called “family trees.”

  2. Love it! I wondered what was inaccurate and had s moments consternation! Love getting a laugh specially when I got caught!!!

  3. I was matched up with about a dozen other trees while researching my ancestor. Every single tree had this man born when his father would have been 113 years old. And dead. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. I’m no expert, still learning a lot about research, but when I found a tree with my dad’s name on it, and my daughter as his daughter–I notified the owner of the tree, that simply wasn’t correct, and explained why. The tree was never changed, so, I circumvent that tree completely!

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