noentjelena-grass-ufkesWhen one has researched for quite some time it can be tempting to think that everything there is to be discovered has already been located. That’s not always true.

A cousin told me she had large pictures of my great-great-grandparents, Johann and Noentjelena (Grass) Ufkes. I just assumed they were additional copies of pictures of them that I have had for years–the pictures that thirty years ago a relative fortunately made many copies of and shared with numerous family members.

As soon as I saw the pictures I realized it was different ones that my cousin had. I could not believe it. The image used in this post was made from a photograph I took of the picture at the reunion. I’m hoping to get a better picture, but I just had to take pictures of pictures and I just had to share them with readers.

This “new” to me picture did not change what I knew about Noentjelena. No conclusions are different and the research plan has not changed. I added information about Noentjelena and the picture to the image shown in this post.

But it’s still really cool to have a new picture.




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