8july-blogupdateIn addition to the regular blog content on my blogs, I put out a weekly summary of blog content–this is perfect for those who may overlook the daily emails or who do not want to receive the daily emails–the weekly update is weekly, not daily (grin!).

My weekly blog update is separate from daily emails received from the individual blogs. The weekly update includes a summary of postings to:

  • Genealogy Tip of the Day
  • Genealogy Search Tip of the Day
  • Rootdig

In addition, the weekly blog update includes the following premium content not published on my blogs:

  • Tombstone of the week
  • Citation of the week
  • Letter of the week
  • Picture of the week
  • and the occasional extra item of interest

There are no press releases, memes, or similar material in the blog update–it’s all stuff I actually wrote.

The blog update is a quick and easy read–unless you start looking at the separate postings. A sample copy of the blog update can be seen in our archives.




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