My Ancestors in Ships

Immigrant Challenge:

I still have some blanks to go on my chart of immigrant ancestors. It is not complete in two ways:

  • I have immigrants for whom I don’t have arrival information
  • I have ancestors who were probably immigrants that are not on this list (particularly in my early New England ancestors)

The name of the spouse is helpful to have as married female immigrants will be listed under their husband’s last name.

I have a ways to go to complete my chart as I know there are additional names to be added. My initial goal is to revisit my 19th century immigrants in hopes of locating additional manifest entries.

Two of my 19th century ancestors arrived on the same ship. I did not realize that.

Last Name First Name Year of Immigration Date of Arrival Name of Ship Port of Entry Comments
Albers Nanke  1860s Mother of Marie Bruns
Allerton Isaac 1620 Mayflower
Allerton Remembrance 1620 Mayflower
Behrends Trientje 1857 13 October Hermann New Orleans
Behrends Ulfert 1857 13 October Hermann New Orleans
Behrends Gerd  1850s  Settled in Golden, Adams, Illinois
Bieger Peter  1840s probably Settled in Cincinnati, Ohio around 1847
Bruns Marie 1868 15 June Auguste New York City Wife of Henry Fecht
Claassen Trientje  1850s  Settled in Golden, Adams, Illinois.
Derle Sophia Elizabeth 1853 July 3 Beta Baltimore Wife of John George Trautvetter
Dirks Bernard 1852 10 July Robert Watt New York City
Fecht Henry 1868 15 June Auguste New York City
Fecht Anke 1868 15 June Auguste New York City
Goldenstein Focke  1870s New York City  Settled near Golden, Adams, Illinois.
Grass Noentje 1873 22 May Bremen New York City
Habben Mimke 1867 21 Oct Union New York City
Habben Jann 1867 21 Oct Union New York City
Howland John 1621 Mayflower
Hurst Joan 1621 Mayflower
Jaspers Antje 1867 21 Oct Union New York City Wife of Mimke Habben
Lichtsinn Friedericka 1857 13 Oct Wife of Ulfert Behrends
Mueller Heipke 1854 6 Oct Coriolan New York City
Mueller Henrich  1850s  Settled in Pea Ridge Township, Adams County, Illinois
Murphy Annie probably New Brunswick
Neill Samuel 1864 St. Johns, New Brunsick
Norris Mary 1620 Mayflower
Rampley James 1764 Maryland English convict
Sartorius Hinrich  1850s?  Settled in Adams County, Illinois
Siefert Barbara  probbly 1840s  initially settled in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
Tilley John 1620 Mayflower
Tilley Elizabeth 1620 Mayflower
Trautvetter John George 1853 July 3 Beta Baltimore
Trautvetter John Michael 1853 July 3 Beta Baltimore
Ufkes John 1869 15 March Hermann New York City
Husmann Geske  1850s Wife of Hinrich Mueller

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